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Westwood Residences EC

Westwood EC Singapore . Executive Condominium . Private Residential Estate

Westwood Residences is an upcoming Executive Condominium that will be launching for sale in May 2015. This Westwood EC site is an extremely rare one – the only EC nestled in a private residential estate, overlooking landed property, unblocked on 3 sides, and with a Velodrome.

Westwood Residences EC at Westwood AvenueWestwood Residences Singapore . Westwood EC built on a cycling theme with mini Velodrome

Westwood Residences EC is located along Westwood Avenue in Jurong West, and close to the Nanyang Technological University & Cleantech Park. It is bounded by landed terrace houses on its north, The Woods cluster housing on its east, and The Floravale private condominium on its south.

The drawback to this Westwood EC site is the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) on its west. But if you are quick to register, and book your unit early during the VIP Preview, you will likely be able to pick an east-facing unit that overlooks the landed houses or The Woods cluster houses.

The Woods facing Westwood Residences ECThe Woods Cluster Housing @ Westwood Avenue opposite Westwood Residences EC

This gets you an unblocked view over the quiet low-rise private residential estate, especially of the lovely Woods cluster houses.

Register here to get a copy of the Westwood Residences Floor Plans Brochure, Pricing and Latest Updates as soon as available.


Westwood Residences Location in Jurong MasterplanWestwood EC Singapore . Location in relation to Jurong Regional Masterplan :: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Westwood Residences . Westwood EC Amenities

  1. This EC sits in a nice residential neighbourhood that has its own small shopping centre. Gek Poh Shopping Centre is within walking distance, about 600m away.
  2. The Jurong West Sports Center, with its Sports Hall & Stadium, is about 2.3km down the road.
  3. As the crow flies, Westwood Residences is 1.55km to Pioneer MRT, and 1.8km to Boon Lay MRT, on th East-West Line. By road, about 2.4km and 2.6km respectively.
  4. Around 20 mins driving time off-peak to the Marina Bay / Shenton Way CBD or Orchard Road, via either the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) or Pan Island Expressway (PIE).


Westwood CondoWestwood Residences Showflat is at Westwood Avenue

Economics of Westwood Residences EC

  1. 15 to 20% (ie. around $200K to $300K) cheaper than similar new private condominiums.
  2. First time buyers are eligible for up to $30,000 CPF housing grant.
  3. You do not pay any agent’s fee or commission (unlike for HDB resale flats).
  4. Historically of all residential property types, executive condos have achieved the most capital appreciation. Not only do they move in tandem with the general appreciation in the overall market, but they also enjoy greater gain as they close the gap with prices of private condominiums from the 5th year onwards.
  5. The Jurong Lake District, 3 MRT stops from this Westwood EC, is slated for a transformation into a major commercial & leisure centre under the URA Master Plan. See the URA webpage (opens in a new window). The new KL-Singapore rail line is also expected to terminate in this location. Taken together, there is compelling potential for capital growth for the Jurong area.


For other details, see the Fact Sheet or location information.



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Eligibility for Westwood EC Launch

HDB Eligibility Guide for this Westwood EC Launch . Singapore

As Westwood Residences is an executive condominium, you must meet HDB’s eligibility criteria to book a unit at this Westwood EC launch. If you need help to assess your eligibility, just send your query via the Contact Form.

Source: HDB web site (www.hdb.gov.sg)

  • Main applicant must be a Singapore Citizen
  • Application must include at least one other Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • All applicants must be at least 21 years old at time of application of this Westwood EC launch
  • If applying under the Joint Singles Scheme, both must be at least 35 years old
Family Nucleus

You must form a family nucleus under one of the schemes listed here:

  • Public Scheme
    You (the applicant) and;
    * Your spouse, and children (if any)
    * Your parents, and siblings (if any)
    * Your children under your legal custody (if you are widowed or divorced)
  • Fiance/Fiancee Scheme
    You (the applicant) and your fiancee/fiance
  • Orphan Scheme
    You (the applicant) and;
    * Your unmarried brothers/sisters, or
    * Another unrelated single orphan
  • Joint Singles Scheme
    You (the applicant) and another single person
Income Ceiling
  • Your total monthly household income must not exceed SGD$14,000
Special Requirement for Undischarged Bankrupts

Undischarged bankrupts must seek the Official Assignee (OA)’s consent to apply for this Tenet EC launch. However, they do not need to seek the OA’s approval to be listed as an occupier.

Ownership of Private Property

You, your spouse, & any occupiers in this application, and their spouses, must not own or have disposed of, or have any part or share in any other private flat, house, building or land.
* Within 30 months before the date of application, and
* Between the application date and the date of taking possession of this Tenet EC.

Owners/Ex-owners of HDB flats / DBSS flats / EC units

Each Singaporean household is allowed to buy the following housing types only twice:
* a flat directly from HDB;
* a resale flat with the CPF Housing Grant (only applicable to 1st timers);
* a DBSS flat from a developer;
* an EC apartment from a developer.

If you’ve already bought two such apartments, you cannot apply for, or be listed as an essential occupier in an application to buy a unit at this Tenet EC launch.

Definition of First-timer Applicants

You and any essential family members listed in your application for the Tenet EC launch, have NEVER:
* Bought a flat directly from HDB, or a DBSS flat or Executive Condo from developer
* Sold a flat bought directly from HDB, or DBSS flat or EC bought from developer
* Received the CPF Housing Grant for the purchase of an HDB resale flat
* Enjoyed other forms of housing subsidy (eg. SERS, privatisation of HUDC estate, etc)

70% of units will be set aside for first-timers during the initial period of this Westwood EC launch.

Definition of Second-timer Applicants

You or the essential family members in your application have owned/sold or are currently owners of:
* Any HDB flat that was bought from HDB, or
* Any resale flat that was bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme, or
* A DBSS flat or an EC bought from the developer, or
* Have enjoyed other forms of housing subsidy (eg. SERS, privatisation of HUDC estate etc.)

Second-timers buying at this Tenet EC launch are required to pay a Resale Levy. For resale levy details, see this page (opens in new window).

Existing Owner or Ex-Owner Of

* Flat bought directly from HDB
* DBSS flat bought from developer
* Resale flat bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme

If you belong to any of the above categories, you may apply to buy a unit at the Tenet EC launch on condition that a 5-year period (excluding any period of subletting of the whole flat) has lapsed from the #date of taking possession of the previous flat to date of application for the new Tenet EC.

# The date of taking possession refers to following dates:
* Date of key collection, for flats that are bought direct from HDB
* Date of resale completion, for resale flats bought from open market with CPF Housing Grant
* Date of transfer at market value of the flat bought with CPF Housing Grant
* Date of key collection for EC/DBSS flats bought from the developer

Ex-owners of an EC

Are you, your spouse or any of the essential occupiers listed in the application an ex-owner of an Executive Condominium bought directly from the developer? If yes, you would need to wait at least 5 years from the date of taking possession of the earlier Executive Condominium before applying for the new Tenet EC.

30-Month Period
In addition, you need to wait out a 30-month period from the effective date of disposal (i.e., date of legal completion of the sale of your Executive Condominium, evidenced by the Notice of Transfer or such other documentary evidence as HDB may require) of the EC before you can apply to buy a unit at the Tenet EC launch.

Essential Occupiers

Any person applying to buy at this Westwood executive condo launch or be listed as an occupier must not currently be listed as an essential occupier of:
* An existing HDB flat bought directly from HDB,
* A DBSS flat bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme, or,
* A resale flat bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme

However, you may be eligible if you have stayed in the existing flat for at least 5 years from the #date of taking possession of the existing flat to the date of application for a new flat.

Cancellation of Application After Booking a Flat

If you book a flat from the March 2012 BTO and Sale of Balance Flats exercises onwards, and subsequently cancel the flat booking, you will have to wait 1 year from the date of cancellation before you can apply or be included as an essential occupier in a Tenet EC launch application.


Within 3 years from the date of a divorce, only one party in the divorce can own one of the following housing units:

  • Flat bought directly from the HDB
  • DBSS flat / EC bought directly from a private developer
  • Resale flat bought from open market under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme

If there is an existing matrimonial home which is one of the above, and that home is retained by your ex-spouse, you may apply to buy or be listed as an essential occupier in this Westwood EC launch only 3 years after your date of divorce.

However, this 3-year wait out period will not apply if you are buying this new EC with your parents or a new spouse.

If there is no matrimonial home or the matrimonial home was bought from the open market without any CPF Housing Grant, you may apply for the Westwood EC launch after you obtain your ex-spouse’s consent not to own or be listed as an essential occupier in any of the above housing types within the 3-year period from the date of divorce.

The requirement for ex-spouse’s consent is waived if you are buying the EC with your parents or a new spouse or if you are buying a resale flat from the open market without the CPF Housing Grant.

The requirement to seek ex-spouse’s consent during the 3-year period from the date of divorce is also waived if you meet the following conditions:

  • All your children are below 18 years old at the date of divorce; and
  • You have the legal custody of all your children and are also the only parent with the care and control of all your children


Person Who Has Bought an EC/DBSS Flat with CPF Housing Grant

A person who bought an EC or DBSS flat with CPF Housing Grant but terminated the Sale & Purchase Agreement may apply to buy a unit at this Westwood EC launch.

However, this is allowed on the condition that a 5-year period has lapsed from the termination date of the Sale & Purchase Agreement of their earlier EC or DBSS flat purchase, to the date of application for this new EC.


Source: HDB